Marian College Staff​​​​​​​

Marian College has a reputation for academic, cultural and sporting excellence and participation. The staff of Marian College are highly and appropriately qualified and committed to a challenging, rich and diverse range of learning experiences designed to stimulate each student to strive for personal excellence. Staff provide the opportunity to excel and to promote personal responsibility.

Students experience significant success in national examinations. The high performance of students is a reflection of the quality of learning and teaching at Marian College.

Senior Leadership Team 

Mary-Lou Davidson - Principal (centre right)

Victoria Spencer - Deputy Principal, Curriculum (centre left)

Rachel Parkin - Deputy Principal, Personnel and Students (left)

Myra Fidow - Director of Ministry, Year 12 Dean (right)

Guidance Staff

Year 9 Dean: Julie Blackwell

Year 10 Dean: Terry Vousden

Year 11 Dean: Philippa Grocott 

Year 12 Dean: Clare Kelly

Year 13 Dean: Myra Fidow​​​​​​​

Counsellor: Sally Cummings

Office Staff     

Karen Needham - Office Administrator 
Sharon Moody - Finance Administrator
Josie Herron - Office assistant/Receptionist
Kath Murray - Principal's Personal Assistant and Board Secretary

Special Character Staff

Director of Ministry - Myra Fidow
Head of Religious Education - Yvonne Teague
​​​​​​​Pastoral Chaplain - Sarah Blair