Full and correct school uniform is to be worn to, from and at school. Hair must be worn simply and either cut above the collar level, or neatly tied back with red or royal-blue ribbons or hair ties. Dyed hair and extreme hairstyles are not permitted at school. Excessive makeup is not permitted with the school uniform. Girls with pierced ears may wear two small plain gold or silver studs in each ear. No other jewllery is to be worn. No other piercings are permitted - Clear plastic retainers only can be worn. All other jewellery or forms of taonga may only be worn with the uniform if unable to be seen. All questions on uniform are to be directed to the deputy principal.

New uniform items can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms.

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Please contact the school office for more information. 

Articles required throughout the year
Royal blue blazer with the school crest.
Plain royal blue regulation cardigan.
Brown shoes or T-bar sandals.

Articles required for summer uniform
Regulation dress in blue check material, no shorter than five cms above the knee.
Short ankle length plain white socks

Articles required for winter uniform
Regulation kilt
New white blouse with pointed collar and Marian College logo. 
Red tie for juniors. From 2022 Seniors will wear a new tie.
Navy-blue socks (knee high) or tights - not black and not ankle length

Articles required for physical education
Regulation physical education shorts and top.
Sports shoes.

Girls playing for school teams wear the physical education uniform unless they are issued with a team sport uniform. The school jacket must be worn with plain navy trackpants.

Wet Weather
Girls are expected to come to school in wet weather adequately clad. A raincoat or puffer jacket may be worn to and from school but not in school during class time. Cyclists may wear the school tracksuit and change when they get to school. 

Regulations associated with the uniform
Make-up may not be worn.
The summer dress may be worn on the street without the blazer in hot weather (but not just with a cardigan/jersey).
Shoes may not be decorated in any way.
Long hair i.e. on the shoulder, must be tied back at all times .Hair should be clean, and tied back if it is longer than collar length. Dyed hair and extreme hairstyles are not permitted at school.
Only clear nail varnish may be worn.
Correct sports uniform (tracksuit) may be worn on a Wednesday if a student is going to play sport immediately after school.  No jandals are permitted and only navy tops with the Marian logo are permitted to be worn underneath jackets.
The blazer must be worn on official occasions and anytime a student is on the street.
Scarves can only be worn with the winter uniform and must be removed when students are indoors.

All articles of uniform should be clearly named. 

Students who, for unforeseen circumstances, are unable to be in correct uniform, must obtain a uniform pass from the Deputy Principal.