Bus Information 2024

Buses available for Marian College students to use are:

To read the information on which buses go from which areas across the city please see the blue button below.

The timetables for 2024 school services can be found online here:

Below are the notable changes for Marian College:

  • Route 722 from Waimakariri has been amended to suit the new location.
  • Route 792 from Parklands (duplicate of 791) has been developed.
  • Route 742 from McCormack’s Bay (coordinates with 741 from Sumner) has been extended. Students also have the option of route 3. Please note route 742 does not run on Wednesdays, as it historically has not due to student sports.

Latest Update from Metro

Bus Fare Information for 2023

Visit here for all the infomation regarding fares for students. Using the metrocard is recommended for all students. Cando cards can also be use through until June 2024.