​​​​​​​Senior Prizegiving 2023​​​​​​​

Dux of the College: Zoe Blacklow

Proxime Accessit: Harriette Fraser

​​​​​​​Special Awards

Year 11

PTA Grace Award for an "Unassuming contributor who participates quietly and positively in all aspects of school life." 

Victoria Russell

Baggott Street Cup (Year 11 Charisms Cup) for the student who best exemplifies the value of empathy and compassion to others.  

Molly Maynard

Year 11 Academic Excellence Cup  

Neila Penrose​​​​​​​

Year 13

PTA Grace Award for an "Unassuming contributor who participates quietly and positively in all aspects of school life."

Millie Blyth and Jenna Morgan

St Mary’s Cup (Year 13 Charisms Cup) for the Year 13 student who best exemplifies Mercy and Josephite Charisms

Brie Benns

Fraser Cup for Diligence in the Senior School 

Ella Morris and Harriette Fraser

Sr Audrey Wafer RSM Service Cup

Grace Rotherham​​​​​​​

The St Mary’s College Prize for contribution to the Special Character of the College through Involvement in the Liturgical Life of the College and by personal commitment to the Religious Education Programme

Liana Borkus

The Ian and Sadie Scott Award for High Achievement, Service and School Spirit 

Zoe Blacklow and Riley Tyson

Year 12

PTA Grace Award for an "Unassuming contributor who participates quietly and positively in all aspects of school life." 

Luatimu Taaso and Hannah Swain

Temuka Cup (Year 12 Charisms Cup) for a student who has shown exemplary courage and perseverance in some aspect of their school life.

Sophie Lumb

Annette Mangin Cup for Year 12 Academic Excellence

Gabriella McKey and Ellen Scott​​​​​​​

The Deborah Ashby Taonga for a student who has been a responsible, caring participant in College life and respected by her peers

Kelisha Loder

The Marian College Cup for Cooperation and Service to the College

Jessica Hughes and Tiana Purdon

The McKillop Trophy -  The Supreme Award for Service and Loyalty to Marian College

Brie Benns

The House Shield for Participation and Inter house events 


For Service as Head of Special Character

Liana Borkus

For Service as Deputy Head Girl    ​​​​​​​

Jessica Hughes and Riley Tyson

For Service as Head Girl  ​​​​​​​

Brie Benns

​​​​​​​Cultural Awards

Sister Gael Henry Trophy for Senior Kapa Haka

Millie Blyth and Charlotte Lyons

Ngati Rau-kawa  Kapu-manawa-whiti Trophy for Overall Excellence in Kapa Haka

Hailee Max and Liana Borkus

The Pasifika Trophy for Service and Leadership

Uzeyla Faamoe and Luatimu Taaso

The McKillop College Cup for Public Speaking

Ellen Scott​​​​​​​

The Creative Writing Prize in the Senior School

Gabriella McKey

The Chirnside Trophy for Participation and Talent in Drama 

Jazzlyn John

The Hilary Page-Wills Cup for Ability and Participation in Music  

Graziana Micallef

Inter-House Singing Cup


Performing Arts Trophy  for outstanding contribution to and achievement in cultural activities

Anna Tuges

​​​​​​​Sports Awards

The Ngakina Bertrand Trophy for Excellence in Sport 

Lauren Sheere

The PTA Trophy for Attitude, Service and Participation in Sport

Tiana Purdon

Ryan Family Trophy for Intermediate Athletics Champion

Ciara O’Connor

The Lewis Cup for the Senior Athletics Champion and Outstanding Performance in Athletics 

Isla Martin-McKenzie​​​​​​​

Champion House for Athletics


The Roche Trophy for the Senior Swimming Champion and Outstanding Performance in Swimming

Hannah King

Champion House for Swimming

​​​​​​​Takahē     ​​​​​​​

The Helen Gourdie Trophy for attitude, effort and high performance

Grace Norton

The John Morgan Memorial Trophy for the Spirit of Hockey: for compassion, encouragement and putting others first

Molly Maynard

Cassidy Trophy for Rower of the Year

Charlotte Peterson

Zonta Finalist 2023 for Category 2 - The award for contribution to sports administration by a young woman and a young man in a position of umpire, referee, coach or manager.  

Hannah Swain 

Outstanding Performance in Softball 

Katerina Sumner

The Shea Trophy for Outstanding Performance in Korfball

Brie Benns ​​​​​​​

The Alex Webster Memorial Cup for Co-operation and School Spirit

Imogen Laing​​​​​​​

Water Polo Trophy for participation and contribution

Grace van den Heever

Outstanding Performance in Athletics 

Mya Phillips 

Outstanding Performance and Contribution to Equestrian and a Zonta Finalist 2023 category 4 - The award for the most outstanding individual achievement by a young sportswoman and a young sportsman specializing in one sport

Johanna Wylaars

Outstanding Performance in Judo 

Claudia Snelgar 

The Nolan Family Trophy for the most valuable football player

Holly Rose Munsey and Eddy Stanton

Outstanding Performance in Kayaking 

Chloe Ah Kuoi

Megan Martin Trophy for contribution to Multi-Sport

Grace Rotherham

Outstanding Performance in Trampoline and Zonta Finalist 2023 category 4 - The award for the most outstanding individual achievement by a young sportswoman and a young sportsman specializing in one sport

Lauren Sheere

The Wylie Trophy for Netball Player of the Year 

Ashleigh Loper and Uzeyla Faamoe

The Stuart Cup for Senior Tennis Champion

Zoe Blacklow

Senior Tennis Runner Up 

Rosie Mones-Cazon 

The O’Gorman Cup for Rugby Player of the Year 

Kaziah Fenika 

​​​​​​​Academic Certificates

Year 11

High Achievement in ONE Level 1 Subject

Lizel Bautista: Drama

Maggie Berwick: Food and Nutrition

Valentina Britez: Japanese by Distance

Breanna Clements: Geography:

Jeannie-Mae Dinnan: Physical Education

Gabriella Ellis: Te Reo Maori

Chelo Flood: Art

Molly McMenamin: Science

Caitlin Merrit: Science

Luyando Mwandila: Drama 

Arihia O’Driscoll: Religious Education

Jean Taylor: Mathematics

Ella Wall: Geography

High Achievement in TWO Level 1 Subjects

Ruby Love-Smith: Digital Technologies and English

Holly Plowman: Accounting and English

Victoria Russell: Mathematics and English

Isabella Vaiese: English and Religious Education

Hannah Williamson: Mathematics and Science

High Achievement in THREE Level 1 Subjects

Stella Jones: History, Religious Education and Technology Textiles

High Achievement in FOUR Level 1 Subjects​​​​​​​

Neila Penrose: Accounting, Physical Education, Science and Te Reo Maori

​​​​​​​Year 12

High Achievement in ONE Level 2 Subject

Jasmine Kurzfeld: Drama

Lise Kirwan: Art- Painting

Rebecca Lilburne: Te Reo Maori

Ella Malone: Religious Education

Jasmine Barr-Williams: Employment Skills

Jana Bucag: Mathematics with Statistics

Nina Cotterill: Biology

Libby Crawford: Gateway

Isla Cameron: Viv Straight Trophy for the student who makes the most of alternative education pathways

Uzeyla Faamoe: Music

Paranihia Hutana-Tahana: Level 3 Te Reo Māori

Phoebe Inwood: Geography

Aliyah Jackson: Tourism

Scarlett O’Donnell: Religious Education

Hannah Swain: Mathematics with Statistics by Distance

Luatimu Taaso: Religious Education

Olivia Toomey: History 

High Achievement in TWO Level 2 Subjects

Ella Isherwood: Physical Education and Religious Education

Jazmyne Lyth: Art Design and Technology Textiles

Faya Wayman: Food and Nutrition and Physical Education

High Achievement in THREE Level 2 Subjects

Carla Mangubat: Accounting, English and Physics

Matilda Paterson: English, Music and Technology Textiles

Olivia Stewart: Biology, Mathematics with Statistics and Te Reo Maori

High Achievement in SIX Level 2 Subjects

Gabriella McKey: Accounting, Economics, English, Computer Science by Distance, Mathematics with Algebra, and Religious Education

High Achievement in FIVE Level 2 Subjects and ONE University Paper

Ellen Scott: Level 3 Calculus, Chemistry, Classical Studies, English and University of Canterbury Level 1 Physics with an A-

Year 13

High Achievement in ONE Level 3 Subject

Millie Blyth: English 

Lilla Harnett: Economics by Distance and the Jubilee Cup for Commerce 

Jessica Hughes: Drama

Kelisha Loder: Technology Textiles and the Zonta Cup for Textiles

Catriona McEwan: Tourism

Whetū Marama-Rūpene: Te Reo Maori 

Anna Tuges: Music and the Academic Excellence in Music Cup 

Riley Tyson: Religious Education

Grace van den Heever: Food and Nutrition

High Achievement in TWO Level 3 Subjects

Ella Morris: Biology and Geography

Emma Ross: English and History

High Achievement in THREE Level 3 Subjects

Jenna Morgan: Accounting, Biology, Physics by Distance 

Neave Patterson: Art Design, Geography, Health Education and the Cup for Academic Excellence in Health Education

Grace Rotherham: Art Design and the Amber Bradley Trophy for Art, Mathematics with Calculus, Physics

High Achievement in FOUR Level 3 Subjects

Liana Borkus: History and the Talaska Trophy for Social Sciences,  Physical Education and the PTA Cup for Physical Education, Religious Education and the Religious Education Cup, Te Reo Maori and the Languages Cup

High Achievement in FIVE Level 3 Subjects

Harriette Fraser: Art History, Classical Studies, Drama, English and the McCarthy Salver for English, History by Distance

High Achievement in SIX Level 3 Subjects

Zoe Blacklow: Computer Science by Distance and the Stewart Trophy for Distance Learning, Chemistry, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Calculus and the Sister Colette Forde Trophy, Physics and the Science Cup for Academic Excellence and Religious Education