Parent Teacher Association

The PTA plays a pivotal role at Marian College and we are always indebted to the wonderful parents who contribute a variety of talents and abilities.The committee works towards the common goals of providing for the girls of the college and building school community spirit.​​​​​​​For example the PTA provided Marian College with five picnic tables like the one pictured above.​​​​​​​To inquire about joining the Marian College PTA please email ​​​​​​​

Next Meeting Details

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Ongoing PTA Fundraising

Do you have any scrap metal at home (eg. old bikes, trampolines, muffler pipes, copper piping)?  Clean up your property, bring it along to school to deposit in the skip, and help out Marian College as well.  Marian College gets paid by the kilo for this.  Please contact our caretaker, Mr Allen Breen, via the school office (385 8449) to arrange a suitable time for drop off.  Depending on the quantity, Metalcorp may be able to arrange a pickup.  Please give Metalcorp a call directly (0800 SELLSCRAP) to enquire and say you are calling from Marian College.

Many thanks to the Kirk family, a school family offering this great opportunity.