Student Reporting

Students in Year 9 and 10 are assessed against national curriculum levels. Generally, students in Year 9 should be achieving at curriculum level 4 and students in Year 10 should be achieving at curriculum level 5. However, many students do not fit this pattern, especially those with special learning needs, those who are gifted and those who come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Students who are new to learning a language are also unlikely to follow the suggested progression- Level 1 is the entry level for those with no prior knowledge of the language being learned. Marian College also provides an indication as to where a student may sit within a curriculum level. The descriptors used are ‘beginning’, ‘proficient’ and ‘advanced’ (B, P, A). In addition to assessment results, engagement reports are completed for each student each week. 

Engagement Reports for Junior and Senior students

This report gives an indication as to whether or not your daughter is meeting the following criteria- 

  • Consistent effort (by being focused on her learning)
  • Participating positively in class (by showing respect for others, being actively involved in individual and class tasks or group activities)
  • Prepared for class (by being punctual, having the correct equipment and completing her homework)

Engagement reports use a 1 to 4 scale: 

4- she is exceeding expectations

3- she is meeting expectations

2- she is not meeting all expectations

1- she is consistently not meeting all expectations

As a minimum, we expect that our students will be receiving a '3'  in all of their subjects. Grades below this may require further intervention. 

To access your daughter's report, please log in to the portal and select the ‘results’ tab. For engagement reports, select the ‘class efforts’ tab and for assessment results select the ‘current years results’ tab. At the end of each term you will receive a summary Engagement Report which will show all of the weekly reports for the term and an attendance percentage.

We hope you find this information a useful tool in helping your daughter to manage her learning this year.​​​​​​​