Growing Greener Together

Landscaping Fundraiser 2023​​​​​​​


Marian College is proud to announce our PTA fundraising campaign “Growing Greener Together” aimed at securing landscaping, plants, and other materials for the school’s green spaces. Spearheaded by the PTA, this effort seeks to create an inviting and healthy environment for students.

To achieve this goal, the PTA has compiled a comprehensive list of indoor and outdoor plants, mulch, and other necessary materials. This effort is aimed at creating a visually appealing environment. Over the coming months, the PTA plan to raise funds to support this initiative and invite everyone to join them in this journey towards a green and healthy community.

Your contribution will not only make our spaces more beautiful but also help pave the way for a sustainable future. The addition of more green spaces will aid in combating climate change and reducing pollution. The PTA believes that this initiative will benefit both the current and future generations. Therefore, we urge everyone to support this effort and help us achieve our goal.

Together, we can make a difference to create a green environment for our students in our new home.​​​​​​​


Here are the 3 simple steps to donate plants and essentials to the new school

Step 1.

Choose the items from the PDF catalogue that you would like to donate, please advise quantities of each.

Step 2. 

Email us at with your full name, selected items, and the total amount to be donated in NZD.

Step 3.

Deposit the donation to Marians PTA bank account WESTPAC 03-1700- 0147-972-00 Don’t forget to add LANDSCAPE as a reference along with your name.


4 x Green Lomandra, 3 x Hellebores, 1 x Indoor Fern, 1 x Medium Pot

Total: $250 NZD Reference: LANDSCAPE Name: BettyS

Bank Account: WESTPAC 03-1700- 0147-972-00

Tax receipts available on request email