Marian College 2023 Questions and Answers

If you have a question about the new school, feel free to submit it here and we will endeavour to get the answer for you.


Why is it taking until 2023 to get a new school?

The Lydia Street site was tenanted until recently, with the lease expiring this year (2021). The diocese took possession of the land in May 2021.

What happens if the new school isn't built by 2023?

It is highly unlikely the new school will be delayed beyond 2023 due to the fact the building already exists and is largely indoors so weather shouldn't be an issue. However, should something unforeseen occur, we would continue to operate out of our Barbadoes Street site until the new school is ready.

Who will be paying for the new school?

The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch will be the owner and manage the budget. The school is expected to cost around $25 million. 

Will there be opportunities to study at St Bede's College and vice versa?

Marian College is looking forward to working with our brother school St Bede's College and Archbishop Paul Martin considered this as an important benefit of the location. Students in the Senior School at Marian College and St Bede's College wil have broader opportunities for learning. We will also work together in special character and cultural areas such as masses, social justice service groups, music and drama productions, concerts, and cultural groups.

Will there be buses from Christchurch East/ Sumner etc?

The Metro school buses and public buses stop near the school, with a bus hub located outside Northlands Mall. To find a bus service from your area, click here

What is the zoning for the new school?

As a Diocesan state-integrated school, owned by Archbishop Paul Martin, the enrolment scheme is based around Parish boundaries, contributing primary schools and other criteria. The Parish structure has been restructured by Archbishop Paul and our new scheme will reflect this. The Ministry of Education consultation on the proposed scheme has now closed. We will share the outcome when we receive it.

Is the new school being built to accommodate a larger school roll?

The new school will be future-proofed with space to build new classrooms should they be required.

Will the school roll increase?

Not at this stage. The current roll approved by the Ministry of Education is 430. 

How can past students be involved with/keep up to date with the new school?

Past students can keep up to date with the happenings of Marian College, including the new school by joining the Rauru Network here. There will be opportunities for past students and staff to actively support the new school in the near future.

Building Related Questions

Who is the contractor for building the new school?

The Diocese appointed Armitage Williams in September 2021.

Will the classrooms have exterior windows?

Classrooms on the perimeter of the building will have windows looking outside. 

How much natural light will there be?

The open spaces and classrooms will have access to natural light from a large number of translucent skylights in the roof as well as a combination of clear-glazed windows and translucent cladding to the north, south and west of the building.

Will the roof of the new school be soundproof from the weather?

The roof won't be soundproof to rain/hail but it will be largely underclad with sound-absorbing material which will help minimise noise made by the weather. Individual classrooms and offices will be soundproof.

What performing arts facilities are there?

The performing arts facilities include:

  • a performance space with vinyl floor covering suitable for dance and performance;
  • a 'green room' space for make-up and dressing. This includes storage units for costumes and props.
  • Provision for: suspended lighting and acoustic rigs, a sound/AV desk, retractable tiered seating, a wall-mounted acoustic curtain
  • Other spaces such as the atrium, outdoor courtyard and garden spaces will be utilised for performance opportunities

What outdoor space is there?

There is a 7750 landscaped garden area to the west of the site. It includes limestone seating, a prayer circle, edible gardens, stone/pip fruit orchards as well as herb, berry and various other themed gardens.

A 100 lawn area at the school entrance is encircled with rose and hebe floral gardens.

A 4600m²​​​​​​​ hardstand area in front of the school entrance will include limestone seating

A full-size grassed multi-sports field to the south of the site includes limestone seating along its northern edge for students to sit.