All stationery for Marian College can be ordered through the OfficeMax MySchool online stationery ordering service.

You’ll find your daughter’s school stationery list by clicking on the blue buttons or on the OfficeMax website click here or by visiting search for Marian College, select her year level and subjects and follow the instructions on the website. Or you can phone OfficeMax on 0800 724 440.

Before you order stationery, please note:

  • Year 9 students study all subjects.
  • You only need to buy items of stationery you do not have. Your daughter is welcome to bring items from home, for example erasers and rulers.
  • If more than one subject has the same stationery item listed, use your discretion as to how many you buy.
  • Year 11 Mathematics - please ignore the Officemax website instructions an email is now not being sent.  Advice about the purchase of the graphics calculator will be given to students in February.  These will then be available for purchase from Officemax or the school office.
  • It is a good idea not to name work books until starting school in the new year. Just in case the wrong workbook has been supplied, or the course of study is changed.

Ordering online through OfficeMax MySchool has the following benefits:

  • If you find a lower price elsewhere, OfficeMax will match it*
  • Free delivery on orders over $46*. Choose delivery to home or work at a time that suits you
  • Save time buying online
  • Multiple payment options - including secure internet banking, credit/debit card or laybuy.
  • Earning School Rewards* which we use to purchase extra resources

* Conditions apply, see for details

If you have any inquiries about OfficeMax MySchool please don’t hesitate to contact us.​​​​​​​


BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is now a requirement at Marian College. 

The College will continue to offer access to technology for all students. However, if your daughter has a device, we encourage her to bring it to school to integrate her learning both inside and outside of school.

It is important the Marian College BYOD and Cybersafety Policies and Procedures are read and understood, before she brings her device to school. BYOD recommendations are also available and should be consulted before a device is purchased.

You can view these documents via our Policy Page.