The Award of Dux is a very important part of our academic year. The Dux of the college is our top scholar for the year and we are always extremely proud of the achievement of these students. Please read the information below which makes our procedure clear.

The Award of Dux is based on Level 3 and above NCEA results that have been submitted by the due date of the current year. Level 3 or above results from another year may also be included.

The submission date for all grades for 2021 is Tuesday 9 November.

Results are submitted by the classroom teacher including classes delivered by outside providers. (Distance Learning Courses and Catholic Cathedral College classes).

The students with the best NCEA results, on that date, will be ranked for each subject. A Grade Point Average (GPA) analysis will also be carried out as an indicator of the top performance.

The Marian College Senior Leadership Team will meet to determine the dux from the information collected. The Dux will be announced at Senior Prizegiving.

Working papers will be retained.​​​​​​​

Dilligence Awards​​​​​​​

Twice per year Senior students are awarded Dilligence Awards for working hard in their subjects. These awards are presented by the Principal in House assemblies.