Library and Information Centre 

Our Library and Information Centre is a popular space with Marian students.  We have a wide range of recreational and curriculum based resources for students and staff.

We have an amazing array of resources to help your learning and just for the fun of reading!  We have books, magazines, newspapers, quick reads, graphic novels, classic reads, fiction and non-fiction and extensive vertical files, as well as short stories, picture books.


We are open for business daily from 8.00 am until 3.30 pm.

The Library is closed for the first 15 minutes of the lunch break.

School bags are to be left outside.  Bring anything of value into the Library with you.​​​​​​​

Behaviour in the Library

Please consider others and keep the Library a pleasant and welcoming place for individual study, research and/or reading.


Hand your CanDo card to Library staff. 

Books are issued for 3 weeks; you can loan up to 5 books at a time.

Juniors are welcome to borrow Senior Fiction at the discretion of your teacher or the Librarian.

Our Fiction collection includes Quick Reads, Classic Reads, Short Stories and Graphic Novels. 

Vertical File material and magazines may be borrowed for one week— these contain information on a range of topics and is collated from magazines and newspapers. 

You may borrow over the holidays during the school year.

Reference books must not be taken out of the Library. 

Permission Slips Students visiting the Library without a teacher during class time must hand to Library staff their permission slip. The completed slip is returned to the students, who give it to the teacher in class upon their return. 

Renewals If you have not finished reading a book when the 3 week limit has expired, see Library staff for further renewal. Do not pass a book on to a friend.  If a book goes missing, the person whose name is last on our records is responsible for its replacement. 


Place resources in the Returns box near the Issues window. 

Return resources promptly; they are provided for the whole school. ​​​​​​​

Students with overdues might be refused permission to borrow further resources. You will be notified during house group if you have overdues. Replacement costs for books are: $40.00 for fiction and non fiction.​​​​​​​


Complete a yellow request slip (at the Issues window) and hand to Library staff or fill in the whiteboard located near the entrance.

Reserves Popular resources for assignments are likely to be placed on reserve, so that all students have equal access. These books are to be used in the Library, not taken out.

Information Technology

For students we have computers with the following services:

• Athenaeum Pro computer catalogue for looking up books, magazines and Vertical File articles

• Internet and e-mail for those who have returned permission slips signed by parents or caregivers

• eReaders, DVDs, Chromebooks, Tablets

• Scanning , colour printing

Our information technology should be used primarily for curriculum-related searches and activities and this takes priority over non related school work.

Students requesting DVDs for personal or class use may borrow those with the G rating only. Teachers requesting DVDs for class use may borrow DVDs with other ratings, at their discretion and responsibility.

Latest News​​​​​​​

Access to the video library of courses and tutorials on software, technology, creative and business skills designed and taught by recognised industry experts, is available now:  Click here provides its users with over 5,800 courses and 260,000 tutorials. New courses are added each month in recognition of the speed of technical change in the current environment. Users of any skill level can take on bite-size tutorials for immediate problem solving or comprehensive courses on hundreds of topics.

Access the site with your Christchurch City Libraries library card and password / PIN. Don't have a CCC library card? Go into any public library and sign up today, it's free!

Library Staff

Librarian: Mrs Neilson

Teacher with Library Responsibility: Mrs Perry​​​​​​​

Assisted by Student Librarians