Special Notice to our community
Please read this letter from Father Rick Loughnan, the Administrator of the Diocese.
The Board of Trustees understands Fr Rick's decision, which reflects his genuine care and concern for our college. Despite the further delay, we value his consideration of the feedback from the community consultation process. We look forward to working with the Diocese towards the best possible decision for Marian College.
Jan Paterson

Marian College Board of Trustees
Marian College is a Catholic integrated school for girls that combines high academic standards and a progressive approach to modern education with a genuine commitment to the values inherent in the traditions of two orders of religious, the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and the Sisters of Mercy.
At Marian College we have always talked about the importance of faith and attitude to triumph over adversity, the value of adaptability, and the precious nature of our intimate school family. Marian College, and the girls and families who make up our community, are exemplary in these attributes, as evidenced by our performance over the past three years, in particular. Read about Marian College »